Lake Bastrop


1st Stan Miller

 17.45 lbs.

2nd Mike "Can't Add" Halfmann

11.72 lbs.

3rd Mike Katzer  

 10.79 lbs.

Big Bass Stan Miller


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Notes and Quotes

A big thank you to David Hoedebeck for bringing the wonderfully refreshing watermelon for the whole club. That was very thoughtful David and we all appreciate it.

Stan reported 10 keepers on 2 different undisclosed top waters. Stan had his limit early

Mike Katzer found them schooling all around his boat to catch his limit also early

Mike Tennant on the other hand caught 3 of his best keepers in the last half hour to take 4th place.

The schoolies did not show up as good as some of us expected. There were many fish in open water, but they did not surface like many had hoped.