Lake Bastrop 2-21-04


1st Carl Adkins

17.46 lbs.

2nd Lance Wenmohs

16.65 lbs.

3rd   Tim Cook

 14.58 lbs.

Big Bass Carl Adkins


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Notes and Quotes

While talking to Milton and Bob Dupras on the water, Carl Adkins was heard saying "  well I'm going to go catch a kicker fish now" Boy did he.

Stan Miller "owwwwww my leg"  (I hope you feel better soon Stan!)

Kenneth Dees " That's my first limit in 2 years!" Congratulations Kenneth

Carl Adkins commenting on the number of boats on the water "this is why we moved the tournament to the second Saturday."

"There were so many boats on the water that I lost a fish in someone else's trolling motor"