Fayette County Lake

1st Gary Swenson

25.91 lbs.

2nd Brian Washburn

24.19 lbs.

3rd Carl Adkins 

19.57 lbs.

Big Bass Gary Swenson

7.95 lbs

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Notes and Quotes

Jeremy Workman "catch 16.46 pounds and only get 7th place. This sucks!" (your only 11 pounds off your 2001 weight Jeremy!)

Brian Washburn who finished 2nd and fished with Gary Swenson (1st) only had 2 fish at 4:00pm. Down at one point 8 keepers to 2, Brian caught 3 huge bass to finish out his 24 pound sack. "I hooked a 18" class fish and he came off (says Brian) and another fish nailed the bait as the first fish swam off. Thank goodness this one was 22 1/2 inches."

Rumor has it that Bobby Whiteside and Leonard Moeller caught and released close to 40 fish off the Dam. Both had nice limits.