Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir


1st David Hoedebeck

 11.65 lbs.

2nd Mike Tennant

 7.53 lbs.

3rd Keith Rollings  

 6.53 lbs.

Big Bass Keith Rollings

5.25 lbs

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Notes and Quotes

Keith Rollings didn't waste any time getting a top 3 finish after being voted back into the club just this month. Keith also received big bass honors. Maybe we should have a recount on that vote! Ha.

Fishing proved to be tougher than expected, however almost everyone weighed in at least one fish.

School was out! Several club members reported schooling action in pre-fishing and were seen sitting in open water with top water baits in hand looking intently at the waters surface. The fish however must have had different plans.

Thank you to Eric, Bob, and John for helping me get my truck started.