1st Place

Andrew Labay

24.01 lbs.

July 8-10, 2005

10:00pm Friday Night to 2:00am Sunday Morning

Bobby Whiteside's House @ 2:30pm on Sunday

2nd Place

Carl Adkins

19.48 lbs.

"Breakdown of Lake's Fished"

Lake's, # of Fish/Lake, Lbs. of Fish/Lake

3rd Place

Lance Wenmohs

19.13 lbs.

Big Bass of Tournament

6.83 lbs.

Andrew Labay

Jr. Division

Jared Swisher

2.16 lbs.


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1st Place  ---   5 Fish @ 24.01 lbs.  

Lake Austin  -- 1 am to 10 am


Lures:  Night bait: Black/blue Oldham jig w/ pork and rattle  and black and white spinner baits with #6 and #7gold blades, white trailer on both w/ trailer hooks (10 keepers)

             Day bait: Texas rigged motor oil worm on dock (1 keeper)

Tackle & Equipment:   



Habitat: Flipping jig into rush and along milfoil edge and running spinner baits along bluff/boulder banks and over shallow milfoil.  The biggest fish was caught on a black spinner bait over milfoil at about 5:00 am.

2nd Place  ---  5 Fish @ 19.48 lbs.  

Lake Fayette County --  6:54 AM to 3:54 PM   w/Gary Swenson

Lures:   Berkley   !0” Power worm in Red Shad.  This was the color the bass wanted.  Others colors, including Motor Oil, would not work.


Tackle: 12 lb. test P-Line Ex-Strong with swivel and 4 foot 12 lb. Vanish leader.  Weights were mojo style 1/8 oz. and 3/16 oz. pegged right above the swivel.  The rod was a 7” home made Lumas type rod in a medium heavy.  Gamakatsu 5/0 red wide gap hooks.

Technique:  Drifting the main lake points on the east side of the lake in 15 to 25 feet of water.  No point seemed any better than the others.  A slow drift was best.  The bite was very soft, mostly just resistance.  The first fish came at 8:10 and the fifth fish came at  11:50.  There was very little grass, and the fish were not stacked up on any major structure.  A person had to cover a lot of water, and be lucky.

3rd Place  ---  5 Fish @ 19.13 lbs.

Lake Austin  --  5:00 AM to 2.00 PM  

Lures;  Strike King Buzz Bait (white); Yellow Magic popper bait; Zoom Super Fluke (watermelon candy) fished on 3/0 Gamakatsu weighted hook.

Tackle:  14 lb. test Berkley Fluorocarbon line

·        6’ 6” medium action All Star rod with Shimano Chronarch reel – buzz bait & Yellow Magic top water; and

·        6’ 6” Shimano rod with Shimano Chronarch reel – super fluke.

Technique:  Andy called me on my cell and told me to come down by the Hula Hut where he was fishing and catching good bass.  I went down lake and located Andy.  I fished the shallow milfoil around the Hula Hut and Mozart’s (down by the dam).  Caught one bass over 6 lbs on the buzz bait, one about 15.5 inches on the Yellow Magic and 2 smaller fish (that I ended up culling out later) on Senkos in the milfoil, fishing in water from 3-7 ft. deep.  Moved up river, above City Park and fished on the left hand side of the lake (as you move upstream).  Found a small strip of Hydrilla and more milfoil.  LCRA was moving water in late morning and into early afternoon, and I started catching bass on the super fluke in the vegetation and around boat docks.  When the current slowed down, so did the bite.  Boated 9 keepers and 3 short fish during the day.