Choke Canyon Reservoir

1st Place

Andrew Labay

14.93 lbs.

June 11, 2005

6:00 am to 3:00 pm

Calliham Boat Ramp

2nd Place

Bobby Friedrick

14.48 lbs.

Big Bass of Tournament

4.96 lbs.

Carl Adkins

3rd Place

Mike Katzer

11.56 lbs.

Complete results 







1st Place  ---  5 Fish @ 14.93 lbs.



Tackle & Equipment:   




2nd Place  ---  5 Fish @ 14.48 lbs.

Lures:  Watermelon Senko, Watermelon Sweet Beaver, Pearl Blue/Gold Rapala X-Shad, Shad colored Pop-R, Orange Crawdad Shad Rap  

Tackle & Equipment:   Used Berkley XT in 12-17 lb. test and P-line in 17 lb. test lines, All-Star and Castaway rods along with Shamino Coriolis reels.

Techniques:    I fished the same 40 yard stretch of Hydrilla grass bed from 6am to 1pm.  The bass were on top early until around 7:45am.  The Senko  were fished weightless and worked slowly.  I also worked the X-Shad and Pop-R slowly back to the boat above the Hydrilla, which was about 1 feet below the surface.  The Sweet Beaver was worked on a Carolina rig on the edges of the grass which dropped off to a depth of 12 feet.  The Shad Rap was worked along the edges of the Hydrilla also.  I ended up with nine keepers.  I just got lucky and picked the right grass bed that was holding fish.  Most of my fish came off of the Senko.

3rd Place  ---  5 Fish @ 11.56 lbs.



Tackle & Equipment: